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Lauren Moore

My background story

My name is Lauren Moore. I will be 2 years old on 25/8/2011. I live in Sanford, FL. Very soon I will be a big sister. My mommy is expected to have my little brother any time now. I am very excited.

I love to do a bunch of things. Some of my favorites are playing with my friends and toys at daycare, swimming, going to the playground to swing and slide, playing ball, and reading my books. I love Mickey Mouse, Caillou, and Bugs Bunny.  Peek a boo and chase are my favorite games.  I also love my two dogs, named Crissy and Carmen. 

On 5/8/11, I went to the doctor for swollen glands and was admitted later that evening at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando for testing.

9/8/11 was when I was diagnosed with T-cell leukemia. Leukemia is cancer of the blood cells where the cells change and grow uncontrollably.  A T-cell is a type of white blood cell that helps the body's immune system fight infection.

The first phase of my treatment is 28 days long. During this phase I will have to take prednisone and Zantac daily with weekly trips to the clinic for chemo. Please check back often in my journal and photos to see how I am doing (via the link here). Caringbridge

Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma is often initially misdiagnosed as an upper respiratory infection or form of lung cancer. This associations main goal is to help visitors better understand all possible diagnostic outcomes associated with these symptoms. Longer survival rates for any form of cancer are paramount to an early stage diagnosis.

For further information; mesothelioma symptoms

Or another useful site for Mesothelioma information is, this site contains up to date and comprehensive information regarding survival rate, treatments and everything else.

A further very useful site to contact is Most importantly, it is the only online asbestos/mesothelioma resource to feature a 24/7 live chat option with doctors and nurses. Other distinct features from your current mesothelioma resource include workplace specific information, live Q & A sessions, survivor blog, and much more.

Nutrition Resources

Useful site for those looking for support or general advice about nutrition when fighting cancer.nutrition resources

It is now over twelve years since Jane Plant's last breast-cancer secondaries disappeared following a fundamental change in her diet and lifestyle. Her cancer had spread to the lymph nodes in her neck, in spite of a radical mastectomy, three further operations, 35 radiotherapy treatments, irradiation of her ovaries to induce the menopause and several chemotherapy treatments. Despite all this treatment, her doctors gave her three months to live. She then recalled that people in rural China, where she had worked, have a very low incidence of breast (and prostate) cancer. At that point she changed her diet and lifestyle, and to everyone’s amazement, including, her own, the large cancerous lump in her neck disappeared within five weeks. Jane has since written many books and you can also read more about her and her recommendations on the following sites:  


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Prostate Cancer Forum (select 'Message Board' )


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